My Heart by Katrina McKelveyMy Heart

Release Date: March 2024

Illustrated by Deb Hudson and published by EK Books

From a baby’s first smile to a toddler’s first steps …
from the first fall to the first sniffle …
from the first bike ride to the first day of school
These treasured moments fill a mother’s heart with joy, worry, pride and love. Celebrate a journey of memories and emotions in this tribute to mothers everywhere.

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Australia Reads Ambassador

Release Date: February 2022

Illustrated by: Kirrili Lonergan

Life Ed Early Years Learning Program -
Harold's Healthy Day
Harold's Big Feelings
Super Safe Harold

These three Big Books explore health, wellbeing, and safety themes for pre-school children. Healthy Harold is a much-loved Australian icon and has been teaching children in primary schools for over 40 years. These three books have been written for the Life Ed Early Years program and are used in Early Learning Centres across Australia in lessons delivered by their specialist Educators. Learn more about the program here:

Chasing Rainbows by Katrina McKelveyMIla & Ivy

Release Date: March 2022

Illustrated by Jasmine Berry and published by Wombat Books

Mila is a cardboard design engineer. She is currently designing and constructing a cupcake catapult with her little sister, Ivy. However, things change when Ivy destroys their project, making cardboard confetti instead. Mila is devastated and wants nothing more to do with Ivy. Mila continues to engineer - alone. But something is missing. Maybe Ivy was making cardboard confetti for a reason. So how do sisters rebuild their relationship while engineering their next ultimate cardboard creation?

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Chasing Rainbows by Katrina McKelveyChasing Rainbows

Release Date: August 2020

Illustrated by Cheri Hughes and published by Big Sky Publishing

Sam and his sister Ruby are crazy about rainbows! Dad always told them stories of magical rainbows, so Sam and Ruby decide to find out for themselves if rainbow magic is true.

An inspiring story mixed with a little bit of science, lots of persistence, loads of chaos, and a new discovery that will change the way Sam and Ruby see rainbows forever.

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Isla's Family Tree by Katrina McKelveyIsla's Famly Tree

Release Date: April 2020

Illustrated by Prue Pittock and published by EK Books

Isla isn’t happy that her family is changing, so her mother creates a clever family tree with Isla to teach her how families always grow. When her mother hands her two new leaves, Isla doesn’t think they belong. She tries to make them fit somewhere, but not on her branch. However, once she meets her new brothers, she has a change of heart and finds room for them after all. A fun book for any family trying to introduce new family members, or show children how they belong in their family.

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Up To Something

Release Date: May 2019

Illustrated by: Kirrili Lonergan
Published by: EK Books

When Billy finally gets invited into Dad’s shed, Billy thinks they’ll be working together on a building project. Soon Billy discovers he’s only going to be his dad’s assistant. It seems Dad has underestimated Billy’s talent and now it’s time for Billy to show him what he can do, and ultimately what they can do together! Visit my Up To Something page for more information.

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Release Date: April 2019

Illustrated by: Cheri Hughes
Published by: Big Sky Publishing

Ben and his best friend, Bandit have decided it’s ‘NO BATHS’ week. Mum plays along but challenges them to find other ways to get clean.

Will Ben and Bandit come up with a clever plan? And will they rediscover their love of having a bath?

This humorous story is bursting with mess, noise, and adventure. A perfect balance of fun and chaos for anyone involved in this often loved, but sometimes dreaded, daily bath routine. Visit my No Baths Week page for more information.

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Release Date: 1st Oct 2015

Illustrated by: Kirrili Lonergan
Published by: EK Books

Dandelions beautifully explores the father - daughter bond. A little girl notices her father mowing the lawn - in the process destroying her favourite flowers: the dandelions. She rushes out to stop him, but she’s too late, they’re all gone. There’s nothing for it: she’s just going to have to sit outside and wait until they grow back! But fortunately, Dad has another idea. Visit my Dandelions page for more information.

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