Coming Soon

Chasing Rainbows

∼ Proposed Release Date: Mid 2020 ∼

Xavier and Sophie want to prove there is magic at the end of a rainbow. After many failed attempts at getting one to land in their backyard, they end up in a helicopter trying to chase one. Once in the air, they get unexpected answers and a touch of rainbow magic. Published by Big Sky Publishing.

Isla's Famly Tree

∼ Proposed Release Date: 2020 ∼

Isla’s family was about to change and she was not happy. So her heavy pregnant Mum explains the family tree to her by making one together. When Mum hands Isla two leaves, she asks Isla to work out where they belong, hinting twins will be arriving soon. Isla believes the family tree is too full and they don’t belong. While Mum is at the hospital, Isla has another look at her family tree, believing she can make them fit somewhere, but not on her branch. But once she meets her brothers, she falls in love with them and has a change of heart. As a result, she makes room for them on her branch. Published by EK Books.