What a delightful book! I must admit that I had tears in my eyes as I finished this story. There was so much that I adored about this book I do not know where to begin. This seems to be Katrina McKelvey’s first picture book but she nailed it! ∼ Sue Webster, Educating Young Children, Vol 21, No 3, 2015.

A sweet father-daughter duet. ∼ Kirkus Reviews (USA)

A wonderful story about forgiveness and understanding and that things must change in order to grow. ∼ Georgie Donaghey, Creative Kids Tales

This is a book that will be cherished by families and recommended by teachers and librarians, exploring as it does the resilience of nature, the art of forgiveness, and the love between a parent and child. ∼ School Days Magazine

This is a sweet tale with a ‘softness’ of text and illustrations that are well matched. Good for read aloud or independent reading for the older ones. ∼ Trevor Cairney

Dandelions is a must-read bedtime book for a father and daughter. ∼ Jeni O’Dowd, The Daily Telegraph

Filled with light and joyful scenes, the entire book reflects a sense of serenity, freedom and love. ∼ Anastasia Gonis, Kids’ Book Review

I found this simple story touched a part in me that reminded me to be patient, listen to my children, and use every opportunity as a time to expand their world. Definitely a must have for your book case or library. ∼ Kirsty O’Callaghan, Unity Qld Blog

Understated and delicate as a dandelion in full flight and just as beautiful. ∼ Dimity Powell via Goodreads

To read this book out loud with my daughter was definitely a gentle reminder to get outdoors and spend time together – we’re going to look for dandelions puffballs to blow away together! ∼ Reena Bilen, The Mummy Project

Dandelions is a wonderful celebration of the relationship between a father and his daughter, about forgiveness, acceptance and love. It also reminds us about taking the time to enjoy nature's simple pleasures and let our imaginations float and fly, just like those little puff ball seeds. ∼ Melissa Squire, Honey Bee Books

Lyrically and visually stunning, ‘Dandelions’ will spread love, appreciation and curiosity far and wide, harvesting treasured bonds between the generations. Readers from age four will be blown away by its beauty! ∼ Romi Sharp, Boomerang Books

Understated and as delicate as a dandelion in full flight, Dandelions is sure to fill the soft pastel and fairy predilections of many a young miss and make you want to seek out a puffball to set in a flight of fantasy of your own. ∼ Dimity Powell, Boomerang Books

Magnificent! ∼ Momma’s Bacon

This is the most calming, peaceful story about enjoying being in the moment and taking time out to just be, imagine and wonder. A magical introduction to an investigation about how things grow! ∼ Barbara Braxton, The Bottom Shelf

Young readers will love following the fluffy little parachutes as they travel across the pages and next time you spot a puff ball in your garden you can start a trip of your very own. ∼ Hip Little One

This is an uplifting story that takes us into the wondrous essence of Mother Nature, on the breath of hundreds of fluffy floating seeds. ∼ Elizabeth Vercoe, Buzz Words Magazine

Enjoy - you will not be disappointed. ∼ Sue Webster, Journal of Early Childhood Teacher’s Association

This book celebrates everyday life. ∼ The Independent (UK)

We haven’t looked at dandelions the same since reading this book! It’s such a beautiful story for inspiring wonder, magic, hope and relationships. Lyrically and visually stunning! ∼ Just Write for Kids

Dandelions is a book that will never get old, a book your children will want to read time and time again, a book that will get your child’s imagination going, a book that will have your child learning and asking questions, a book that a parent will enjoy, a book I know you will love! ∼ Kidz B Kool blog

Visually this is an outstanding book with strong elements of movement and colour on every double page. Perfectly imagined landscapes of sunflowers, river, bush canopy and even hot air balloons, keep the momentum swirling onwards. Recommended. ∼ Chris Dayman, Children’s Book Council of Australia Reading Time

Dandelions is a delightful tribute not only to the magic of imagination but also the love between parent and child. ∼ Jeff Barger, teacher from North Caroline (USA)

We loved the gentle and caring tone of the story and the way that Katrina McKelvey has perfectly captured the relationship between a daughter and her dad. ∼ The Guardian

A wonderfully charming and original story by Katrina McKelvey, ‘Dandelions’ is perfectly enhanced by the colourful illustrations of Kirrili Lonergan. The result is an enthusiastic and very highly recommended addition to family, school, and community library picture book collections for children age 4-9. ∼ Midwest Book Review (USA)

Dandelions is an all-around feel good book. ∼ Batch of Books blog

A tender spring story about a special father-daughter relationship - it is a real treat. ∼ Gwen Collier, Buffalo and Erie County Public Library, NY